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Rajat Nayar ji appears Regularly on World Wide TV shows. He is highly Dedicated to Serve the Society.

Mr Rajat Nayar has got the Privilege to see the Hands ( Palm ) of Most of the Famous Bollywood Actors, Actresses, Film Stars, Cricketers, TV Actors, Actresses, Cine Stars, Models, Directors, TV Stars, fashion Designers, Musicians, Producers & Show them the Path of great Success by his Exclusive & Extraordinary Consultations.

His Services in the Field of Astrology , Gemology , Numerology & Vaastu Shastra have been acknowledged in the form of Several Honorary Titles Bestowed on him. Rajat Nayar is famous tarot card reader in India.

Mr Rajat Nayar has been responsible for reviving the 5 ,000 year Old Science of Numerology , Astrology & Vaastu In India & Overseas . People from far and wide have been able to benefit from the age old art , from Leading Film Stars , to TV Serials , Cricketers , to Business Magnates , to Politicians , and last but not the least the common man , all have enjoyed the Powers of Astrology , Numerology & Vaastu. Rajat Nayar is famous tarot card reader in India.

He has been Featuring on Television , Radio and penning Columns with Leading Publications , he provides Scientific Solutions to People from all walks of Society . He has successfully helped people change their lives and has a large Celebrity Clientele from all walks of Life . Rajat Nayar is famous tarot card reader in India.

He Has established himself as an Astrologer, Gemologist, Numerologist & Vaastu Consultant of standing through Mastery of his Subject and in his understandings of the Practical aspects of Life. Rajat Nayar is famous tarot card reader in India

He has been awarded Several Honours for his Research Work and Contribution to Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry and Vaastu Science. His main Motive is to assist People in building up their Career, to take them out of their Nervous Breakdown, to show them the Light of Hope in their Sorrows and help them to Recover from their Sickness by Finding out the root cause of their Disease. World famous Rajat Nayar is tarot card reader in India.

He has been Honoured with many Prestigious Awards by different Government, Semi Government Organizations and NGO's in India and Abroad. Mr Rajat Nayar Is a World Renowned, World Famous (Internationally Famous) , New Delhi Based ( Vaishali , NCR NEW DELHI , INDIA ) Mumbai's Most Famous , Favourite , Demanding & Highly Successful Celebrity Astrologer, Palmist, Numerologist ,Gemologist, Graphologist , Stock Market Analyst, Fortunologist , Nameologist, Clairvoyant, Signature Specialist, Palm Reader, Astronumerologist, Feng Shui Specialist, Gemstone Consultant, Handwriting Expert as well as a Vaastu Shastra Consultant . He Has His Clients not only from India but also all over the World across the Globe. Rajat Nayar is famous tarot card reader in India

Mr Rajat Nayar is a World Famous Personal Celebrity Bollywood Astrologer , Numerologist , Gem Stone Consultant & Vaastu Shastra Consultant Of Most of the Actors , Actresses , Film Stars , Directors , Models , Musicians & Producers of Bollywood Mumbai , Lollywood, Tollywood , Indian Television Industry as well as Hollywood . World famous Rajat Nayar is tarot card reader in India.

Most of the Bollywood , Film Industry & Hollywood Stars, Actors , Actresses , Sportsmen , Cricketers , Businessmen , Industrialists Consult Rajat Nayar ji before INVESTING THEIR MONEY IN SHARE MARKET , STOCKS , REAL ESTATE AS WELL AS COMMODITY MARKET.

Mr Rajat Nayar is always being Invited Personally by Most of the Bollywood Stars , Actors , Actresses , Directors , Sports Personalities , Cine Stars , Singers , Models , Cricketers , Politicians , Atheletes , TV Stars For Vaastu Visit of their House , Flat , Bungalow, Showrooms , Hotels , Home , Farm House , Studio etc... Whenever Film Stars , TV Stars have to Purchase any Property Either for Personal or Commercial Use , In Mumbai , New Delhi , Pune , Bangalore , Chandigarh, US , USSR , USA etc... they Prefer to take Prior Consultation from Rajat ji , that whether the Building is according to the Proper Vaastu Principles. Rajat Nayar is tarot card reader in India.

He is in Very High Demand By the Bollywood, Lollywood, Tollywood, Indian Television Industry as well as Hollywood as most of the Actors , Actresses , Musicians , Directors & Producers Love to Consult him before the Release & Launch of their Movies regarding the Spellings of the name of the Movie , Muhurath for the Release of the Movie , Colours to be used Maximum for good promotion of their Movie or Film.

The Birth Data records & Personal Meetings of the Film Stars, Actors , Actresses , Budding Stars , Musicians, Directors, Cricketers is strictly Confidential & In no case, it is leaked out to anybody else. Rajat Nayar is famous tarot card reader in India. Mr Rajat Nayar , World Famous Numerologist , has Done Extensive Research on the Subjects of Astrology, Numerology , Gemology, Graphology , Share Market Analysis , Palmistry, Nameology , Fortunology, Clairvoyance , Feng shui , Tarot Card , Vaastu Shastra etc.. for the Past 24 - 25 years .

He has gone into the Depth of these Sciences to remove the Misconceptions which are prevailing in the society regarding these sacred Mystic Sciences. His Programme comes Daily on Various News Channels , Lifestyle Channels ,Entertainment Channels as well as Religious Channels for the Past 10 - 12 Years Regularly Everyday in Morning , Evening as well as in the Night. Rajat Nayar is famous tarot card reader in India.

He has been covered regularly by Many News , Music , Religious as well as Entertainment TV Channels , Lifestyle Channels & Still Being Covered by Many TV Channels Like Aastha TV , Zee Jagran , Sadhna TV , Pragya Channel , Shraddha Mh One , Zee News , Star News , IBN 7 , Aaj Tak , India TV, Tez Channel, Mh One News , Sahara Samay , IBN 7 , Sahara Samay Mumbai , Sahara Samay NCR , Sahara Maharashtra , CNN IBN etc etc... He is a very very Popular & a Respectable Figure among the Business Tycoons , Sportsmen, Famous Celebrities , Stock Brokers , Politicians, Doctors, Charted Accountants , Fashion Designers , Pilots, Exporters , Interior Decorators , CEO's, MD of Companies , CFO , COO as well as Film Stars , Producers , Players , Models , Cricketers , Directors In Bollywood , Tollywood , Lollywood , Indian Television Industry as well as Hollywood.

Lots n lots of Music Directors Consult Him Before the Launching of their Music Album, they get the Name of the Album balanced Astrologically as well as Numerologically , even the Name of the Song ( Exact Spellings Of The Song ) is also Balanced by Him. His TV Programme on various News Channels , Entertainment Channels , Lifestyle Channels as well as Religious Channels enjoy the highest TRP (Television Rating Points) of all the Programmes according to the TAM Reports. His Programme is Mostly Watched by the Professionally well Educated Class of the Society all over the World.

His List of Celebrity Clientele includes Photographers, Lyricists, Composers , Singers, Actors, Production Houses, Dancers, Doctors, Surgeons, Charted Accountants, Producers, Financers, Directors, Famous Celebrities , Video Jockey , Interior Decorators , Choreographers, Builders, Architects, Disc Jockey , Aviation Industry , Telecom Giants, Pharmaceutical Companies, Software Companies, Radio Jockey ,Telecom Companies , Cricketers , Housewives, Painters , Sportsmen , Students , fashion Designers , Artists , Lots n Lots of TV Channels as well as Radio Stations In India & Abroad , Property Dealers , Consultants , Real Estate people etc... He has established an Exclusive Identity of his own by his deep Study, thinking & Research & Knowledge of Astrology , Numerology , Fortunology , Gemology , Graphology , Nameology , Palmistry , Clairvoyance , Feng Shui & Vaastu Shashtra.

Mr. Rajat Nayar, World Famous Palmist , one of the most revered advisers of Mystique Sciences, brings to Light the Impact of Vedic Astrology with Special reference to Numerology, Vaastu and Gem Therapy, both in Our Personal and Professional Lives. Mr. Rajat Nayar has made Several Predictions in Leading National and International Newspapers like Hindustan Times, Times of India, The Tribune, Indian Express, Ajit Samachar, Jag Bani, Amar Ujala, Dainik Jagran, Dainik Bhaskar, Mumbai Mirror , Punjab Kesari, Deccan Herald etc... You can very often read Press releases and Articles of Rajat Nayar ji in Leading National Newspapers, Magazines, Journals, International Magazines, like Hindustan Times, Times of India, The Tribune, Indian Express, Ajit Samachar, Jag Bani, Amar Ujala, Dainik Jagran, Dainik Bhaskar, Punjab Kesari, Mumbai Mirror, Deccan Herald etc... May Almighty bless Rajat ji to Enhance the World of Astro , Numero Vaasthu, with his Everlasting Efforts and Keen Research.

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